Location: Oxo Tower Wharf

An image of Oliver from FUZL working on his furniture.

FUZL is committed to creating furniture that is responsible, enduring, and craft-engineered.

FUZL (pronounced 'puzzle' with an F) is a furniture design and build company made up of a small team headed up by Oliver Theobald. 

FUZL use craft engineering to make products that will last a lifetime, using sustainably sourced materials such as birchwood-ply.  Their furniture portfolio includes chairs, tables and shelving and some homeware items too.

They believe that good furniture should be built from sustainably sourced materials by fairly paid craftspeople. Good furniture should be enduring and suited to refurbishment & parts replacement, not leading to a future in landfills.

The team at FUZL are dedicated to creating furniture that is craft-engineered and made from materials and finishes that will last a lifetime. They pride themselves on being detail-driven and work hard to achieve their customer's satisfaction.

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